Carol Crisp is a Montana native living in Colorado. She feels blessed to have had the partnership of horses for most of her life. Carol has been a Therapeutic Riding Instructor for more than 25 years working with individuals of all ages and all disabilities, both physical , cognitive, and emotional. She is currently head riding instructor at Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding in Franktown Colorado. Carol is an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner studying the methods developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. These Methods not only release trapped emotions but corrects energy imbalances as well. Carol was drawn to the Emotion Code initially because of the similarities she saw in its methods, and the experiences she has had in training horses with behavioral problems. “ In my work with individuals with disabilities, the awareness and healing abilities of the horses is apparent in every situation. Not only the movement of the horse, but their energy and intuitiveness facilitates miracles over and over again.” Carol does energy work both on animals and humans, in person or remotely using muscle testing and magnets to release negative energies and to restore balance. She is a volunteer with the Douglas Co. Mounted Patrol, competes in Endurance Rides, and loves trail riding. Last year Carol accomplished a life goal of completing all 500 miles of the Colorado Trail on horseback. Joining in her adventure were her two amazing Arabian horses Smoke and Phlame. Carol is also a wife , a mother of three grown children and “Grandma” to five beautiful grandkids.


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